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How does it work?

Take a look below at our detailed layout of our proven EZ process.  Our process is not a "band-aid" to make your existing shower more accessible.  We completely remove your original shower area and install all brand new materials to ensure a long-lasting, safe, and affordable solution for your loved ones.

Step 1 - Planning and Design

One of our representatives will meet with you in your home to assess your current shower area, discuss your needs, and help select materials and color options.  The job is scheduled, and construction begins.

Step 2 - Preparation

  • Removal of existing shower area, down to the stud.

  • Install blocking for grab bars.

  • Install insulation on exterior walls, when necessary.

  • Install new substrate on walls.

  • Install new sub-floor beneath shower.

Step 3 - Installation

  • Installation of low-rise 3-inch acrylic shower pan with non-slip surface.

  • Installation of new shower drain connection.

  • Installation of new Kohler shower valve.

  • Installation of new solid-surface material to ceiling throughout shower.

  • Installation of new Kohler shower head.

  • Installation of new Kohler shower trim.

  • Installation of 3 grab bars, in customer-specified locations.

Step 4 - Site Cleanup and Review

  • All construction materials are removed from the site.

  • New shower unit is tested and reviewed for customer satisfaction.


You can now begin enjoying your EZ accessible shower!

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